We offer locally grown vegetables to the community either through our CSA program
that is located in Easton, Pa. The subscriptions run for approximately 20 weeks.
Shareholders will be able to visit the site for constant updates on what is being planted
and what is ready for harvest. The Shareholders have the option for chosing between a
Full share which is enough vegetables for a family of 4 or a vegetarian couple, and a  Half
share which is enough vegetables for a couple.


      After someone has chosen the right share size for them and we have recieved their
first payment they will be on the weekly email list. All major events are posted to all
shareholders through email unless one doesn't have email.
 All shares are harvested, processed, and packed as close to the pick up date that they
choose. They have a choice of either a Wednesday or Friday. All vegetables are stored in
a walk in cooler before pick up to insure freshness.

 If you are interested in trying our service but have questions you may contact us
through email or go to the CSA page and fill in you information and hit submit. The
information will help to give us a better idea of what you are interested in.